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It happens with a lot of different things, I suppose. I don't like what Deviantart has become, so I'm not really keeping track of what I'm posting on here. I still post on other places online.

A better place to find my work will be: 
Kureiyaa Cosplay Facebook

Sorry for all of this; I'll probably still check my notifications here but I can't say I'll upload much. Thanks to everyone that has supported me here! 

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The Con Season is Over

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 4, 2014, 8:59 PM
Hello again everyone!

I'm back from a few conventions again and I have some news!
Okay, the news isn't that exciting, but have you ever come to my page hoping to see a picture and it was waaaaaaaaay too tiny? Well, I fixed that... mostly. I'm still going through and getting bigger pictures done as well as playing around in general with some of the pictures. You can go back and see what I've done with my earlier pictures! 

Dragon*Con 2014

So as you all know, I was getting ready for Dragon*Con on my last journal entry. It's been a while, but I'm finally updating and talking about it. Kind of. 
If you want the full story, it's on  My Blog If you're looking for the short of it, I had fun with friends, but the con wasn't fun for me at all. I did enjoy my costume line-up though!
GLaDOS- I wore her Friday. As I'm sure it's been seen on my pictures, I chose to go with a sleek and minimal design and I was quite happy with it!
WvW Claire: My Guild Wars 2 costume (another one) always makes me feel good about myself. Monsoon, my staff, would get in the way often if I needed to sit for a rest, but there's nothing like feeling like a magical girl elementalist. I'm especially happy with how my Desert Rose backpiece turned out!
Rin- The Little Busters cosplay was really fun to wear, but the heat made it unbearable. I still had a large potatocat (Dorj) to cuddle with, so I'm not complaining too much about it! He got more attention than I did though (people loved him!)
That's about it for the Dragon*Con specific cosplays

Anime Weekend Atlanta

Remember how I said I wasn't going to go this year? I did anyway. 
The reason I wasn't going was because it would be too difficult since I associate a lot of the convention with my late best friend. 
And that's exactly why I went. Was it hard? Absolutely. But I was on a trek. I have his ring still. It hangs around my neck (You may have seen it in some of my cosplay pictures). I wanted to take a little bit of him to the convention with me. He wanted to go this year and so I wanted to make sure I could even help a bit of his spirit to go. 
Throughout the con I had some amazing moral support, though! 
Mostly through my friend:
He was amazing support and I kind of stole him away all weekend. 
Because of the short notice (read: the last minute decision I suddenly made while the con was pretty much happening already) I managed to surprise him, too! 
And also a big thank you again for all my friends who seemed genuinely happy I was actually there! The love I received just helped me so very much and I'm glad to have friends who love me so much! I love all of you! <3
Because I had a costume mostly finished already, I decided to finish that:
Youmu- I only had the vest to hem up and the props to make before the con. A lot of people seemed to really like my swords and I was really proud of roukanken myself! 
Curly- Another last minute costume and a surprise for my friend because he was doing Quote! It was a lot of fun to run around with a cosplay partner again! The costume was also really comfy!
I have to admit that I spent most of my time with friends that I didn't really attend much of the actual convention. I did go to the Sweets Panel which is now my favorite panel of all time! Seriously, that's how you handle a panel. It was informative, witty, funny, engaging, and interactive.

So now it's back to making costumes on my own schedule, taking some photos, and reworking my DA gallery again!

Quote and Curly by KureiyaaAn Ordinary No-Con by KureiyaaGood People Don't End Up Here by Kureiyaa

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Journal Entry: Fri Jun 13, 2014, 6:10 PM

Hello again everyone! 

There's a really awesome person who gave me a premium membership :heart: (Thank you so much again!!!!) so I've started work on reorganizing things once more!

I know I've said this a million times, but I'll be trying to update with a few of my older costumes that I've dug up pictures of. I'm hard at work currently making both Aya and Momiji costumes. The Momiji costume is for a friend and we'll be cosplaying together around the start of fall, so I hope to have a lot of pictures! Until then, I've been really sick and unable to dress up so much, so I probably won't get many pictures before that, though I'd love to do another swimsuit cosplay shoot. 

I'm also working on my Guild Wars 2 cosplay for Dragon*con. I'm pretty excited because I'll get to meet in person and cosplay with a really great guildie (Our guild leader actually!). Speaking of Guild War 2, I'm not longer letting it consume all of my gaming time and instead have opted to play games people have requested I play. I ended up playing through both Portal games recently and they're really a lot of fun. I'm also in the process of playing Cave Story as well as getting through Little Busters. I'd probably be better at playing these games if Skyrim didn't call to me so often.  I may be taking inspiration from one of these games for a costume I'll be wearing at Dragon*con as well. Maybe two. 

 Look at me rambling. 

Anyway! More self promotion on my own page.
I ramble more on my blog if you want to read. I have a few entries about my trip to Japan up as well as doing Cosplay Wednesdays. I also write about food and ramble about adventures and talk about various conventions. If you're interested in any of that, I'd love to have you view my blog! 
My Blog!

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Hello everyone! 

I forgot to mention that I'm back from Japan, have been for a while. In fact, I'm getting ready for a convention right now. 

If you were interested in reading about my journey and want to know what a foreigner who doesn't speak Japanese (But had people to translate for me) has learned from the trip, I'm currently posting in-depth on my blog about each day I spent over there. 
Here's my blog:…

Here's the tag you can find just the trip stuff on:…

The trip so far includes things like a Cat Cafe, Cat Island, Cat donuts, staying in a traditional Japanese house, and loads of food. I also try to offer a bit of advice about visiting. 

I do cosplay Wednesday's on my blog, too, where I post up pictures of one of my costumes every Wednesday and talk about it a bit. 
Honestly, I update it more than my deviantart, sometimes even my facebook page. 

I wrote up an entry about Pro±Con 2014 on my blog as well. I entered a costume contest at the convention as well as worked at the maid cafe. It was a fun time. I look forward to next year. 

Tomorrow (Saturday, April 19th) I will be going to Nashicon, and other than a few last minute touches to go on the costume, I'm finished with my Kogasa outfit! I'm really liking this artistic liberties thing I've been doing with costumes lately. I tried not to stray too far from what the character portrait has, though. I did go with a lighter color shirt (after starting with a darker one) because it looks better on me. It's also exciting that I spent less than $11 on the costume because I was able to use scraps leftover from costumes I've made (or working on) for all the fabric parts. I only needed to get a few notions for it. 
Hopefully I will have pictures from the con (with my friends) when I get back so I can put those up!
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I've been dreading to write a new journal entry. My last entry reminded me of happier times and I was afraid to write something depressing that I feel I need to. But those happier times will have always been there and I can't go on not writing anymore. 

I wrote about my co-hosts at my trivia panel. One of those co-hosts was my very best friend, Victor. Nearly a month after the convention, he was killed in a car accident. I miss him so very very much. 
Slowly, I'm learning how to cope with this major loss. I'm learning how to celebrate his life. These past few months have been really hard on me. I've had little will to actually do anything productive, which is why there is a lack of updates from me as of late. 
I know that the last few weekends I had spent with him were amazing and fun for us. I can look back and say that I attended that Kors K concert with my very best friend, that I hosted a panel with him at my right hand side, that he spent his last weekend at my house and we had loads of fun. I'm thankful for that every single day. 

As for less depressing matters, I'll be leaving for Japan sometime soon. I'm sure I'll have a lot of things to come back and show everyone. I plan on seeing a lot of things: A snow festival, a maid cafe, even one of the cat islands. Those are just a few.  Right now, I'm trying to pick out warm outfits to take with me! 

I also had a very nice Christmas, which I spent with my family in the upstate. I got lots of very lovely things, including a warm coat that I'm taking to Japan with me. 
I spent New years with some amazing friends who drove several hours to come see me. We ate pho and sukiyaki as well as shooting fireworks and playing twister. 

Lastly, my new years resolutions are to keep up with my blog "… " which I recently changed both the name and layout on, and to continue making costumes from materials I already have. 

Happy New Year everyone!
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As I'm beginning this, it's been about a week since I was freaking out about the Touhou Trivia panel with my fellow co-hosts; one week since Anime Weekend Atlanta. 

I had a lot of fun. There were a lot of bumps and ups and downs and all kinds of crazy stuff, but it was still a lot of fun. I got to hang out with several of my friends as well as meeting new faces. I even got some of my friends to try out some foods that were new to them (Even getting one of them to eat and enjoy something they thought they would never even touch.) I even got to meet :iconpaxingcai: in person and oh my goodness she's so sweet and cute! <3 I only wish that Saturday wasn't as hectic as it was because I would have like to have hung out with her more as well as :iconfariskalin: as well. 

As for my costumes, I don't think I've listed them here yet!

Thursday/Friday morning-afternoon: Final Fantasy Tactics - White Mage
Friday evening/Sunday: Sasami-san@ ganbaranai - Sasami
Saturday: Touhou Project - Patchouli Knowledge
Late Saturday night: IIDX - Iroha Umegiri

I think my favorite costume all weekend was my Sasami outfit. It was literally the same type of pajamas I sleep in every night (except it had a skirt instead of pants!). I got to wear slippers around all day and the wig was the shortest of the group and didn't get in the way/get tangled. The costume was light and yet very very soft. I just enjoyed it so much! 
Of course my Patchouli costume was really comfortable, too. I took a lot of creative liberties on it to kind of make it my own unique creation, and it payed off! I got so many compliments on the costume. Not to mention, it was also really comfy as well! The coat was made from the same fabric (flannel) as the Sasami pajamas and the dress underneath was super light. Then I got to wear the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn in convention history. They're these really soft slipper-booties with padding on the inside and they were light as air. 
White mage would have been just as comfortable had it not had to have been so long in the front. Even with heeled boots I was tripping left and right if I didn't hold it up while I was walking. But I also picked a really light and really soft fabric for it. 

I also got to meet Zun, take a number of pictures with him, and I got his autograph on my REX copy for the first chapter of Silent Sinner in Blue (which apparently really impressed him!) 
On top of that, I got to see Kors K play live at the rave/dance and even managed to talk to him in person after the show (even if it was very little).
Needless to say, I was a very happy person over the weekend. 

And the Trivia Panel went amazingly thanks to my co-hosts.

Now that the convention is done and over with, I won't be going to another big convention until about this time next year. I currently have another trip planned for the beginning of the year that will take a ton of money so I can't really attend any cons around that time. With all this extra time that I'd usually be spending making costumes, I've decided to fill it with costumes anyway. I have several costumes that I've deconstructed in order to reconstruct them and make them look better. I'll also be getting pictures of costumes that I don't have any pictures of yet. 

Some of the costumes I may be reconstructing in this time include: Sanae Kochiya, Reimu Hakurei, Chen, Young Alice, Youmu Konpaku. 

Meanwhile, I still don't know what to dress up as for Halloween. 
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Hello everyone!

I'm back from Momocon and hoping to take to uploading some of my swimsuit cosplays as well as taking pictures of the other costumes I attended in.

Can I first just say that it was an absolutely exhausting weekend? I've never felt so tired as I do now after a con. I don't get to rest long before I start on a summer of commissions (And completing one in the next week or two).

I wasn't out very much during the con. I had a sore throat all weekend and was helping friends again as well as preparing (both mentally and physically) for my Guild Wars panel. All in all, it went well! Everyone I talked to seemed to have enjoyed it and I even potentially made new friends!

Of course, I had Shabu Shabu with everyone again! I can't go to Atlanta and not go to both Raku and Umezono.

For the weekend I was costumed in:
Friday: Art Critic Rarity - MLP:FiM
Saturday morning: Swimsuit Rikka : Chūnibyō Demo Koi ga Shitai!
Saturday Afternoon: Eirin - Touhou Project
Saturday Evening and Sunday: Alucardalina Claire : Guild Wars 2

There are a lot of things I could complain about as far as the con went, but I won't. All in all, I may not be going back, not because it's a bad con or anything, but in order to expand to Northern cons instead! I want to give many of them a chance and see which ones I like the best!

As for the spoils of my adventure in the dealer's room, I picked up two Doctor Who magazines, a Nijihara Ink figure, and I got my Collectors Edition Sylvari print signed by Jennifer Hale (the voice of the female Sylvari).
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Still Cleaning up!

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 7, 2012, 12:31 PM
Continue to bear with me as I do so. I'm writing a journal today to let everyone know that I've started a Facebook Cosplay page! It'll be easier to keep up with my cosplay stuff and even progress shots and planned cosplays there. I'll also be putting up old pictures up that I haven't put anywhere else there. I'm sorting through my folders, and this helps me know what costumes I need to take more pictures of! Please head over to my cosplay page and like~ I would greatly appreciate it!…

Meanwhile, I'm still working on my game, cosplays, and cleaning this place up!

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Journal Entry: Fri Nov 2, 2012, 11:43 AM
(So, this is more of an under construction message than a journal. )

Hello everyone! I'm going to be working on my dA page during the next few days or so. I'll be cleaning the page up and making everything more organized. Here are a few things you can expect and why this may affect you (under fair warning).

:bulletwhite: I will be looking to change my front page a bit to make it more accessible! I'm hoping to un-clutter it and add more interesting and eye catching pieces/details.

:bulletwhite: Adding in more pictures. Yes, this means that you're inbox may get spammed a bit if I start uploading more than just a few. I've been going through my photos, and I have realized just how many pictures I have of costumes and have only put a few up. Hopefully this is a good thing.

:bulletwhite: I'm also adding thumbnails that you can click to visit other photos of the costume you are viewing. I feel it makes everything easier.

Hopefully this will be better for everyone and it gives me something to do while I'm sick.

Also, I decided to use the Nyancat skin for my journal today for a very special reason. Marty, the inspiration for Nyancat, died of FIP recently. I feel Chris Torres pain and I'll be using this for a while to celebrate what I can assume to be a pretty awesome cat.

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It Feels Like Winter

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 29, 2012, 9:55 PM
So, the weather is great down here right now! It kind of feels like winter! Of course we don't really get winter here, last year it only lasted a weekend until it ended up feeling like spring/summer again.

Also, while the weather is cooler, I'm hoping to take more pictures of costumes I don't have any of yet. Are there any that you guys would like to have pictures of?

I have:
Orin (any ideas on a location for her?)
Kotohime (which I can't do until Orin is done due to the wig)
Tsumiki (With sweater)
DJ Iroha (also need location ideas.)
(A few more I can't think of at the moment)

Alternatively, any picture you think I need more pictures up of. Some of my costumes are undergoing renovation since it's my year of re-do, but some of them are sitting around the closet. No, Yamame doesn't count. I promise I'll put more pictures of her up soon! X3

Also, I'm working on my Guild Wars 2 cosplay. If I can get it done in time, I may wear it to Momocon, which I'm probably going to go to after all. I don't mind that I may not be recognized, but it'll still be fun, and that's what costuming is about to me.

My motivation has finally returned. I've been depressed because it left after AWA. I guess I worked myself too hard! But I'm happy now that it's back and I will be working on my Fruitsaladcosplay blog, getting items up finally, and working on costumes.

Today is my birthday, as well. I'll be making everyone cupcakes for it, because I'm used to baking my own cake anyway. I'll be celebrating by going to the fair; I already had my birthday dinner. It was at P.F. Chang's, which was really good. I ate so much food that night. And to top it off, I went to the Barnes and Nobles across the parking lot and got a leatherbound copy of Bram Stoker's Dracula. I freaked out a bit because they had so many of my favorite books in a leatherbound version! They even had the REAL fairy tales!!! The one's I used to read in books from my childhood! Unfortunately, I could only have one. Of course I'd go for Dracula, it's only one of my most favorite books of all time! I hope to go back for more later. Because the works are free to read, you're pretty much paying only for the packaging. The book only cost me $12, but by Krom the look of it is gorgeous!

The last thing I want to mention is that I have a few people spreading mean rumors about me on the internet. It doesn't really bother me, but I thought everyone should know that I do know about them and I can confirm that they are lies. It's an attempt by a few sour ex-friends who treated me wrongly and when I decided I didn't want to hang out with the wrong crowd anymore, they set out to try and make people hate me. If you ever want to ask me anything regarding these rumors, I'd be happy to answer honestly, but I'd rather ask everyone to just ignore these people. This includes trying to white knight me (Like I said, it's not bothering me.) These are the type of persons that if they see no progress, they'll get bored and go away.  I'm a firm believer in karma.

Anyway! I hope everyone has a very very happy Halloween! Care to comment and tell me what you'll be doing for Halloween or dressing up as? I'd love to know! I'll be dressing up as a bunny maid!

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Return from AWA

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 4, 2012, 8:41 AM
Ahhh! I'm finally back to my normal routine and it feels great to have this month off from costume working. Of course, it's my birthday month! I don't know what I'll do for my birthday this year. Last year I got a telescope and had dinner at a buffet! But this year, I'm thinking a little smaller. Like just a dinner at a restaurant and a walk around downtown Charleston. Maybe stopping by for a macaroon or a gellato. Maybe even a picnic in the park instead. <3 I don't need big fancy things for my birthday.

And then next month I get to celebrate Racecar's birthday! He once had to go to the vet because he ate a huge chocolate muffin. He didn't have time to get sick from it, so when we took him in, they just took pre-preemptive measures to make sure he wouldn't. The kind vets fed him watered down charcoal. They laughed when he decided that charcoal tasted excellent. So why tell you this? Because I'll be making Race a chocolate cake in honor of his birthday. It'll have two candles on top because that's how old he would have been.
On a similar note, Sabby and Drift's birthdays are also in November. They really love to play with the toys I've set out for them, which isn't many, so I think I'll be getting them a lot more for their birthday.

As for my AWA trip, it was really really fun!! Best AWA I've had, hands down. I met two new friends and we're all going to try to hang out together more often, especially at cons. I also got to see my friend from Canada in person, which was really exciting. It was a weekend of friends and making friends and I couldn't have asked for anything better.  <3 Thank you to all of the people who made my con weekend especially amazing.

As you probably know, I also ran the Touhou Trivia Panel on Saturday night. It was a lot of fun and people keep telling that they enjoyed it along with some really great constructive criticisms. Thanks to everyone (the whole lot of you) that attended. I wrote a blog post about it on my site:…
It's also my Touhou cosplay commission, accessory, and tutorial site/blog. Please check it out!

What else I want to address is this crazy rumor going around
My panel was not the cause of the shortened time and space for the main Touhou Panel. The schedule was jam packed, more so than any other year from what they were telling us, this caused rooms and times to be shifted. There wasn't a panel that was any more than 1:30 minutes long, even a lot of the main events only got an hour. They treated our panels separately, not as a split Touhou Panel. They do the same thing with other panels that have trivia counterparts. As for the smaller room? They explained that bigger panel/industry guests had all the big rooms booked, so they had to shift the Touhou Panel to a smaller room. In the end, I didn't want to compete or take away from the Touhou Panel, I wanted to co-exist peacefully with it, so I tried to schedule it in the early evening, assuming the main panel would be in the afternoon/morning as it usually was.  I also only asked for a 30 minute time slot, only estimating about 30-45 people coming to the panel at all. I don't know why people think I wanted to compete with the main panel, because that would be silly, don't you think? Obviously more people would go to the main panel. And yet again, my panel was a TRIVIA panel. It wasn't a Touhou panel with a raffle that I tried to schedule at the same time to pull people away as someone is trying to claim.  I'm really not mean, you know? What would drive me to something like that?
So, even the directors said that my panel wasn't the problem. You know what was? The Gaia panel. Darn you Gaia people, right? In a playful fistshake kind of way of course.
Also, the photoshoot was a lot of fun. Everyone seemed to have a great time. People seem fine with me running it each year. (Sorry I took a hiatus from it last year.)

So, if you did attend the trivia panel, how did you like it? I want to thank everyone who donated towards the wonderful prizes that we had. I have the links to those who donated from deviantART up on my Touhou blog. Please give them attention because they deserve it! I'm also looking into having more prints and donations next year if we have a panel again (which is the plan). Also, next time I'll be doing guess the hat with real hats to give away of that character. <3

Also, my cosplays turned out great this year. Everyone kept telling me I was really cute, especially in Orin and Iroha. I can't say I thought I was so cute in Iroha, but I think people convinced me otherwise. Especially those at the CrunchyRoll booth. They kept saying "Orange girl, come closer!" and "Orange girl is cute." I was so shy that when I finally did come up front I just kind of blushed and stood there. They asked the Hellsing Alucard that was also up there to bite my neck. He instead kissed my hand and I ran off all blushy. >/////////<

Friends and I also all went on a Sukiyaki adventure. That's what I'm calling it anyway. Every time I'm in Atlanta, I go to Umezono and order either shabu shabu or sukiyaki. Of course, it's always with a group. It went from four people all the way to 13 people this time. Next AWA, we'll be having shabu shabu together and loads more people have asked to join.  For anyone who doesn't know what either of those are, it's a hot pot where you fry (sukiyaki) or boil (shabu shabu)  meat and veggies in respective sauces. It's very fun, especially because it requires teamwork and being social at the table.  This time was even more fun because it was my brother's first time having real Japanese food and our mutual friend's time having any Japanese food. They both loved it. In fact, everyone loved it! <3

My only regret is that I had to leave early Sunday. We went to lunch and then the H Mart. I tried a food from there, but it made me sick. It may have had corn oil or seaweed in it, which I can't digest. I spent some time in the bathroom dry heaving and that wasn't any fun. But I'm better now, and I even have my voice back.  I had planned to go back to the con after lunch, but I was too sick to go back. I didn't get to say goodbye to a lot of my friends. We made a stop at a really awesome truckstop (with connect4 they labeled as bingo and switchblades in the kids toys) and then went to Victor and Sarah's place where we sat down and talked for a good while and had a lot of fun.

So it was a really fun trip!

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Anime Weekend Atlanta

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 14, 2012, 5:37 AM
It's approaching rather quickly and I'm working hard to prepare for it! This year, I will be returning in a remade costume from my very first Anime Weekend Atlanta (Which was my very first con): DJ Iroha Umegiri from Beatmania IIDX! I will also be appearing in Tsumiki from Acchi Kocchi and Orin from Touhou Project. On top of that, I'm getting my brother there for his first 'real' convention and I'm helping him cosplay Dante from Devil May Cry. I'm also working very carefully on a (A very detailed) commission for another friend. This will be the start of a new Touhou Cosplay Commission business I will be calling FRuIT SALaD. I'm working on a blog for it in my down time, but it's not coming along very quickly. I will likely be posting a link for it in the next couple of weeks, but forgive me, I've been so busy!

I've recently moved into a bigger room upstairs and I have a huge closet to fit all of my costumes in and I also have more room in the loft for my sewing room! On top of new equipment and a new attitude towards it all, this commission business will be taking off soon! The bigger room is also very neat for kitties. They have a lot of room to pretend to chase dragons now. <3

For those of you who don't know, I'm working very hard on prizes for the Touhou Trivia Panel I'm hosting at AWA. The theme is Canon VS Fanon, and it will include questions from both and questions against both. Some will be really easy, some will require an 'expert' to answer, but everyone had a huge chance of winning if they know anything about the series- fanon or canon.  I'll be giving out figures and hats and cosplay accessories as well as some art from very talented artists from here on deviantart! I feel these people need to have more attention for their amazing efforts. While I have enough for prizes this year, I may be looking for more art to make prints of for next year *hinthint*.

I also plan to organize the Touhou photoshoot this year when the schedule comes out. In fact, I made a thread for it a while back, but it's been empty since I made it so early- it just fell off the page!…
So if you're planning on attending the photoshoot, or will be coming to AWA for Touhou Cosplay, I hope that you'll post there so I can add cosplayers into the list!

With all the coolness last year, I gravitated towards characters with long sleeves. I hope it'll be just as cool this year, but I'm beginning to doubt it. It can be hot or cool or whatever- I'm just happy that I'll be able to see a lot of my friends again that I don't see very often.

But it will be joyous! I'll be surrounded in the people and things that I love at AWA and I'll be able to eat more yummy things!

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Journal Entry: Sat Jul 14, 2012, 1:42 PM

So, Anime Expo was a blast and California was great! I'm glad to have met so many new people at AX, especially the people of the Touhou group! You guys are awesome and I would love to come back and hang out again sometime!
And as I usually mention something about food, I ended up eating at a couple of new places while I was in LA this time around.

Most notably  I ate at Excalibur, a medieval restaurant where you eat with your hands! It was really fun, and I ate a burger on black currant bread as well as the Excalibur feast! It's a really yummy place and I highly recommend it! I also ate at Yoshinoya's. It's a beef bowl place that I'm told is a popular fast food chain in Japan. The beef bowl was really good, though I'll suggest you not have the chicken. GO THERE FOR THE BEEF BOWL. I had Tutti Fruiti twice, but I love froyo, so it's to be expected, eh?  There was also another Japanese place I ate at, but I can't remember the name. The curry there was average anyway.

But now my kitties and I are back home in South Carolina. They're happy because they can use the doggy door and play in the backyard. I'm happy because I can finally play the PC version of Skyrim rather than the PS3 version.  I've taken on doing commissions again, right now I'm booked~ I'm also working on my costumes for AWA this year.

Anime Weekend Atlanta Costume Plans:
Tsumiki - Acchi Kocchi
DJ Iroha Umegiri - Beatmania IIDX
Orin - Touhou Project

Of course, these are subject to change. I will be running a Touhou Trivia panel this year instead of co-hosting the Touhou panel. Once I get the schedule for everything, I should also be setting up the Touhou photoshoot. Also, I will hopefully be taking my brother with me to AWA this year. He's not been very happy lately, but I want to change that by helping him cosplay Dante from Devil May Cry to his first 'real' anime convention. He's been to Momocon once, but it was held outside and there wasn't much to experience then. I'd love to spend more time with my little brother since I never get to see him anymore.

I will also be working on my Guild Wars cosplay soon. I got some materials for the wand, I need to get the rest, and I should be able to make the skirt within the next few weeks. It will be my first time making 'armor' and such a detailed costume, but I think I'm ready and I"m very excited!  This is truly my dream cosplay. Hopefully I can finish it in time for the Guild Wars 2 release and wear it to go pick up my copy! I'm planning LED lights for the wand and everything! I've also bought the wig for the costume.

Also, Guild Wars 2 comes out on August 28th. With my head start, I get to play it three days earlier. <3 I plan to cosplay my Guild Wars 2 character as well (though in actuality, they are the same character.). Speaking of which, my story of my character is now published on the Chronicles of Tyria site. <3 I love to write it and live as my character for a while. I'm very proud of it!…

On top of that, Project Tyria is still doing very well. In fact, I completely redesigned the site. What do you think? I wanted to give it a more updated and Guild Wars 2 look and I plan to add more content in! Sites continue to note Project Tyria as pretty awesome, I'm featured on the wiki as a fansite (meeting all of the criteria now and one of the few linked! <3), and I will be interviewed by Chronicles of Tyria (such an awesome site) in their next podcast as well as talking about the human race with them. Naveen and Lagwyn and Diint have such 'radio personality' voices, it makes me jealous! I will start mentioning their podcast on Project Tyria as well.

Oh, and at AX, I got a pair of those nifty moving cat ears. You know, the ones that read your brainwaves? I love them so much, but I keep running the batteries dead. ;_; Sorry kitty ears! I also got a Yukari pencil board and keychain. From one of the artists at the artist alley, I purchased a phone screen cleaner keychain of Reimu. Sadly, I can't put it on my phone efficiently since it's and iPhone.  On the topic of my iPhone, I think I might be getting one of these soon:… really cute and I really want the orange and white one.

And since I"m home, I may start doing those cooking tutorials I've been talking about. Basically, I usually cook healthier and Asian inspired foods. These will go on my youtube.  I'm thinking about theming it as well... Maybe I'll be a maid? Or when I cook a Chinese new year inspired meal, I might wear my cheongsam. Something to add my little flair to it! Would that be good?

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Anime Expo: Here I come!

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 27, 2012, 9:07 PM

Anime Expo is in two days and I'm excited for it! This will be the biggest con I have attended and it is my first time going to AX! My cosplay list?

Friday: Index from To Aru Majutsu No Index
Saturday: Kotohime/Chiyuri from Touhou Project
Sunday: White Len from Melty Blood

So if you're going, keep a look out for me! I'd love to meet you!

I also managed to redo some pieces for my Chiyuri outfit. If I start to overheat in my Kotohime (Thought I doubt I will), I will be changing into Chiyuri. I will be leaving mid day Sunday, however, since I have to catch my flight back home officially ending my vacation.

Also, a few questions you guys may be able to answer:
Are there any cultural places to eat at around the con? Any panels I should definitely attend? Any advice on getting through the dealer's room without getting smooshed to death?

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Going Places

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 1:06 PM
My trip in California is coming to a close soon. My last adventure here this time around is Anime Expo. I've been working with limited room and supplies in my hotel room on my costumes. Kotohime is done and I'm working on finishing up Index. I will also be taking White Len with me as well, by request.  I can't wait to meet people and see what the dealer's room is like!
Also, I'm wondering if I should wear Chiyuri for a day?

I have a big plans when I get back home, though. First off, I'm going to start my commissions back up, this time dedicating more time to it. To the general public, I will only be doing Touhou Cosplay commissions. This is because it's something I feel I have the most experience on. I've decided I'm going to steer myself in a direction that feels more professional; I'll be making tags to apply to my commissions, even things I give out as prizes at cons.  It will include a way to contact me as well as a name I come up for my commissions. (I wonder what it should be?)  After I'm back in South Carolina, I'll soon be getting my own room solely for sewing and costumes.

Another thing I want to work on is an ambition of sorts that I've had since I was little. I'm first going to work on getting my driver's license, as well as a Smart car. After I get that done, I can finally go out and volunteer at an animal shelter like I've always wanted to. I want to play with the kitties there, so they can get out of their cages. I've spent all of my life around cats, and I've even helped foster kittens to health at animal shelters.  There are some cats who spend most of their lives in a cage at shelters and don't get the quality time of getting up and running and playing with humans, and I think that every cat deserves that. I wish that I could foster kittens again, but I'm limited to two cats in the household these days.

But I've always been afraid to drive. My drivers education teacher said I was an excellent driver and I executed my three point turn flawlessly. I'm going to be honest, most of the time I couldn't see over the dashboard and just went with the flow. I'm terrified of being in the driver's seat of a car. I don't like having so many lives in my hands.  It's scary! All of these are reason's I decided on the smart car, years ago.  I visited the dealership before leaving to California and got to ride in one. It's really small, I can see over the dashboard, I feel comfortable in it since it is safer, and I'm limited to only having one passenger with me!  A lot of people who aren't that familiar with smart cars complain that there isn't a lot of space in the car for groceries. The trunk space is actually really awesome! Even the passenger seats are far apart. It's bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside. There's loads of leg room as well. And the most amazing thing about it is that it's the easiest car to do customized painting for. I talked about getting Touhou themed panels made for it down the road after purchasing it. This would obviously be several years later.

Sorry for the rambling!

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Blog updates.

Journal Entry: Tue May 29, 2012, 12:12 PM
Hi guys. I know I haven't really added anything to my deviantart lately, but it's because I haven't had the chance to get to sewing. I finally have fabric and will be working on Index and Kotohime for AX, so you'll probably see pictures of them at the beginning of July.

Also, if you haven't, please go to my last journal and vote for me in the Otaku House cosplay contest. It would really mean a lot to me! <3

In other news, I updated my blog with my trip to Little Tokyo and the Strawberry festival for anyone who is interested in reading it.

I haven't really been updating it lately, so the two new posts are a break. Lately, I've been working on a Guild Wars/Guild Wars 2 project called Project Tyria. It has been recognized by many sites and even the Guild Wars 2 team themselves. I'm hoping to get an interview for the site soon as well. Here is the link for those of you who may be interested:

And on that note, I'll leave this entry to be and wish you all an amazing day!!<3

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It's late!

Journal Entry: Fri May 11, 2012, 2:21 PM
There was something here once. 

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Touhou Trivial Panel AWA 2012

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 17, 2012, 3:26 PM
So, hey guys, short journal entry for today but I managed to snag a Touhou Trivia panel for Anime Weekend Atlanta 2012! I don't know the schedule yet, but I requested early Saturday evening.
If you're attending AWA, please stop by for a chance to win some awesome prizes.
I'm trying to round up several prizes, the more prizes the more people have chances to win something. Some very amazing deviants here on DA have allowed me to use some of their works as prizes, which is very awesome. If you have any ideas or want to make a donation, please contact me! I will be giving away several things, such as character hats, figures, pillows, and paper dolls.
I'll be working very hard on this panel in the meantime! Hope to see you there!

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Journal Entry: Wed Apr 4, 2012, 10:17 AM
So, I got to California safely. The plane rides were fun but they made me terribly sick.  I'm nearly settled in over here. We have a room switch at the end of the week, and I can finally unpack everything and settle in for the next few months.
I'll be going out to scout the beach today. I plan on getting more Chiyuri and swimsuit Miku pictures while I'm here. The beach would be the perfect place. The ocean scares me though. It looks so merciless. It will be my first time in the ocean, and when I landed, it was the first time I had ever seen the ocean in the daytime.
Sabby and Drift handled adjusting to the new location very well. The plane ride seemed to scare Sabby, but Drift took it well. Clearly, Drift is more adventurous.
I don't know if we'll be switched to a room that actually has one of the kitchenettes or not, but regardless, I will be grilling a lot of food. I have to wonder how grilled orange and ginger marinated chicken will taste. I'm just glad that I won't have to eat microwaved food all of the time. I'll be able to grill just outside, or even on the beach, on top of going to restaurants for food.
Aftre I move into the new room, I can break out the sewing machine, go get some fabric, and start working on my AX costumes. I had to switch the line-up around, so I"ll probably be doing Index from Toaru Majutsu no Index and Kotohime from Phantasmagoria of Dim Dream (Touhou Project).

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California, Here I Come!

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 27, 2012, 11:50 AM
So, April 2nd, I'll be flying to California. It'll be my first time flying, or being further than two states away from home. I'm not worried about the flying, but I am worried about being so far away from home.
There doesn't seem to be like a lot I will be able to do during the weekdays over there, as I cannot take Skyrim with me. I'll be there for three months.
However, I will be attending AX and perhaps some other cons that may be going on.
I want to meet some of you/the Californian Touhou Cosplayers over there though. Maybe we can arrange a Touhou Picnic sometime?  I don't really expect an answer to that, but I would love one none-the-less. If not, I would like to meet you guys at AX! I'm always open to making new friends!

Oh, and I reviewed some Bodyline outfits I received recently on my blog. You should totally check it out. I will eventually have pictures of me in them up~

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